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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 229 General Membership Meeting Minutes, 13 September 2018

Call to Order 
The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7pm. Meeting called to order by Commander Larry Vannoy. Prayer was given by chaplain Andy Caudle.

Legionnaires in attendance were Commander Larry Vannoy, 1 st Vice Commander Earl Watts, 2 nd Vice Commander Tommy Whitten, Adjutant Stacey Harring, Chaplin Andrew Caudle, Historian Richard Blanton, Rick Jarrell, Lester Bernard, Jean Downs, Carlos Woods, David Silvernail, Erik Arnold, Reginald Belton, Donald Rice, Birdie Rice, Robert Goffinett, Hunter Goffinett, Tom McKinney, Bill McGahey, Mike Marcel, Cherish Croft, Jenny Martin, Dan Anderson and Julie Anderson.


  • A short video was shown on the Wall that Heals, along with an explanation of the event.  There will be more information to follow, and a signup genius to volunteer and a training session TBD.  

Approval of Previous Minutes

  • Reading of the 9 August 2018 meeting minutes and then they were motioned by Earl Watts and Carlos Woods for approval.  The membership present voted for approval.


  • Sick and Shut in: 
    • Warren Schmidt and Mac McCullum got quilts of valor recently. Warren is recovering from several strokes and is doing better. He is going to be transferred soon to another facility according to Tome McKinney.
  • Commander:
    • Membership renewals are low (about 38%) and we have a goal of 50% to meet in early October.
    • New member introduction: Jenny Martin
    • Carlos Woods presented a plaque to Cherish Croft.
  • Adjutant: 
    • Membership renewal is at 38% - please get your renewals in.
    • Adjutant met with the Madison Garden Club  - she and her daughter helped to plant flowers at the Memorial. They are asking for NTE $150 for the rest of the year for upkeep. They will match that amount as well. It was put to a vote and membership agreed to $150 for upkeep of the Veteran's Memorial Park as motioned by Bill McGahey and second was given by Tom McKinney.
  • Finance: 
    • Finance Officer duties were transferred from Leondra Kelley to Robert Kirby. There are 4 accounts: the checking account has about $6000. There were some small expenses that went out this month. Motion made by Andy Caudle and second by Tom Whitten to approve the finance report, membership voted approved.
  • State of the County/District/Region/State Report
    • Working on membership renewals.
    • County will be donating to the Wall that Heals.
  • Boy Scouts/Flag Retirement Ceremony
    • City Counsel approved the Eagle Scout project of the burn pits at the memorial. He will be doing a yard sale to raise money for the funds needed for the project.
    • Flag Burning Ceremony - We have two burn barrels and about 300 flags collected. If we don't get to all of them, we can do them at a later time. Boy Scouts will be coordinating the event on the 22nd of September at 1100. The Post will be there to support and observe.

Committees Reports:

  • Americanism
    • Law Enforcement/Fire Fighter of the year – Tom McKinney has sent the information to all local authorities.  Last year we just kept it local, a good packet could go to state and national.  He will be getting plaques similar to last year.  Winner will also receive a $50 gift card (money was already approved).
    • Oratorical – in the past have had good success.  Will work with the schools again this year, and the event is usually after the holiday season.
    • Junior ROTC – We need to make our annual monetary contribution for this school year.  $250 and is in our annual budget.
    • Veteran of the Week- we have about run out of candidates.  If anyone hasn’t done an article, please consider it.  
  • Membership
    • Past Commander Woods suggested starting a membership committee in order to get membership renewals and new members into the Post.
  • Monument Committee 
    • Instruction was given to a few post members on how to install the pavers. There are 7 more to be installed when they come in.
  • Blue Star Banner
    • Mothers or Spouses - we have over 100 banners. If you know of anyone, please let us know.
  • North Alabama Veterans Fraternal Coalition (NAVFOC)
    • Our post hosted the meeting this month at the Senior Center.
    • Wall that Heals was the main topic; they just had the black tie fundraiser.
    • They do have funds to donate to a worthy cause. There are 56 organizations that belong.
    • It was stated there are over 300 Veterans organizations in Northern Alabama.
  • Disabled Veterans (DAV): 
    • Nothing to report.

Unfinished Business

  • Madison Street Festival
    • October 6th: 0900 - 1600
    • Handles Ice Cream will be partnering with us; we will have a tent next to them with membership info and we will receive a portion of their sales.
    • There will be a sign up genius coming out for that.
  • Veterans Day
    • Flags will be put out on November 10th due to the Wall that Heals activities the week prior and will be picked up on the 19th.
    • Poppies - There will be sign ups for times and locations coming out as well. Some discussion on locations was held, will look into Lowe's as well as Wal-Mart. Maybe next year we may want to do them earlier in the month.

New Business

  • Trail of Tears T-shirt sale
    • Need help selling merchandise - all we need to do is help sell, no other investment needed.
    • Polaris is where the stop will be and they will give us 15% of the sales.
    • Please sign up for a shift on the signup genius.
  •  150th Celebration of Madison

    • It will run all year 2019 and ending at the Madison Street Festival.

    • We have representation at the meetings (Jean Downs), but if anyone has an idea for an event (there is money to support and advertise), it could be hosted by the Post.
    • Corresponds with the 100th anniversary of the American Legion - could potentially coordinate an event on Memorial Day.

For The Good Of The Post

The meeting adjourned at 8:14 PM.