Madison Alabama American Legion Post 229

American Legion Post 229

General Membership Meeting Minutes, May 9, 2019



Call to Order

The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7:00pm.  Meeting called to order by Commander Larry Vanoy. Prayer was given by Chaplain Andy Caudle

Legionnaires in attendance: Larry Vannoy – Commander, Earl Watts – 1st Vice, Stacey Harring – Adjutant, Robert Kirby – Finance Officer, Chris Brown – Judge Advocate, Andrew Caudle – Chaplin, Richard Blanton Jr – Historian,  Tom McKinney – Americanism, Carlos Woods – County Commander, Bill McGahey, Jean Downs, Brady Rodgers, Cherish Croft, Rick Jarrell, Gene Loughridge, Lester Barnard, David Silvernail, Danielle Savoye



Approval of the Minutes – Minutes were voted to be accepted by the group after a motion by Bill McGahey and seconded by Tommy Whitten.


Sick and shut ins

Carlos Woods’ wife passed away, info on the viewing and service have been sent out.  Several members will be at the service and stand at either side of the casket for the last hour prior to the service. 

Ice Cream Social – Ice Cream was donated by Rick Jarrell for the ice cream to the veterans at Tutt Fan.  Several children also volunteered.  Earl Watts made a motion to put $50 towards buying full size candy bars to donate for the bingo games.  Seconded by Bill McGahey and agreed on by the group. 

Adjutant – The year ends in July, and we have now hit 100%.  We gained 39 new members who have been transferred from the Alabama; welcome letters will go out this month. Earl Watts made a motion to approve the adjutants report and Bill McGahey seconded, with the group approval. 

Finance Report – The accounts have been moved to Redstone Federal Credit Union.  Finance report was passed out.  There was a discussion on consolidating some of the accounts; it will be discussed at the officers meeting and we will come back with a recommendation next month.  A motion to approve was made by Tom and seconded by Tommy; motion passed. 


JROTC: James Clemens awards ceremony was April 20th and Bob Jones was held on May 6th.  Our post gave Academic Excellence and Military Excellence awards to deserving cadets.

Boys State – Sons of the American Legion (SAL) is paying for the bus.  Our post paid a scholarship for one student and the county will pay for two more if there is a need.  There are 2 students from Sparkman, 4 from James Clemens, and 3 from Bob Jones attending.  There will be a breakfast for all the students before they leave.

Legion Baseball

Tryouts were this past weekend and there are 16 boys who have registered and we will have two teams “256 Tribe” and “Madison Mayhem”. Florence, Coleman, and Huntsville all have teams and there are several others in the Northern Alabama area as well.  There are background checks for the coaches, insurance for the teams, and a data base for coaches and players.  It costs $540 for registering each team and $400 for each boy to play for the season.  They will be playing at James Clemens High School, Commander Vannoy is trying to coordinate for practice fields.  The boys will be wearing a Post 229 patch and they have list of rules that will be followed. Motion was made by Stacey Harring to pay for the registration fees for both teams, seconded by Bill McGahey, passed by the group.  There will be a state tournament at the end of the summer that we would like to support as well.  They will be playing 45 games this season, and several tournaments.  Chris Brown thanked Commander Vannoy for all his work to get this program off the ground.  

Pavers – Three pavers are due in soon and will be installed once received.  There was a woman who called and wants to buy 5, she is going to send the forms in with the payment.

Blue Star Banner – If you know of anyone who is eligible and would like one, please let Earl Watts know.  Stacey Harring has 11 soldiers deploying in the unit she commands and would like to send a banner to each one of their families.  It was agreed to support this effort.

State/County – There was no meeting in April.  The annual meeting is in Montgomery at the end of June.

POST 229 Auxiliary – They met this evening, and they will be handing out poppies at Kroger on Saturday only.  They are trying to get the Girl Scouts to help as well. 

NAVFOC – We hosted the May meeting at the Senior Center.  Please check our calendar for all the local events going on. 

Boy Scouts Troop 201 –The troop is still looking for merit badge counselors; let Commander Vannoy know if you are interested in helping out.       

Old Business: 

Memorial Day: 

Flags will be put out May 18th at 10am and pick up is on June 1st­­­­.  Both the boy and girl scout troops will be helping.  Ray Vets have contacted us and will be helping as well.  All flags will be at Memorial Gardens at 10am.  We will be doing a work day at the Memorial immediately following the flag distribution. 

Poppies: Distribution is 10-4 Saturday and Sunday at Madison Walmarts, except Walmart on Wall Triana is on Saturday only.

Service: 1100 start time, Mike Ball will be the speaker, we still need to meet with the contractor on the set up of tables and chairs.  Bob Jones JROTC will be the honor detail. 0930 will be set up time and rehearsal.

Don Rice, member who recently passed away and donated his body to science did not have a flag to be presented to his wife at the funeral.  Andy Caudle was able to get a flag for her and had it put in a shadow box.  We are still trying to coordinate a time to present it to his wife, Birdie. If she is in town, we would like to add this presentation to the Memorial Day event.

New Business:

-Election of Officers:  Description of all positions went out, and Chris Brown has been contacted by members wanting to serve in these positions.

The following officers were elected to office:

Judge Advocate: Chris Brown

Sergeant of Arms: Mike Marcel (not present but Chris Brown verified he accepted) 

Chaplain: Andy Caudle

Historian: Richard Bland

Finance Officer/Treasurer – Robert Kirby

Adjutant: Stacey Harring

Second Vice: Tommy Whitten

First Vice Commander: Earl Watts

Commander: Larry Vannoy

A swearing in ceremony will be held at the 13 June membership meeting.

Commander Vannoy asked for a motion to pay No More than $200 towards the State Delegate voting. Chris Brown made the motion, seconded by Earl Watts and agreed on by the group.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm