Madison Alabama American Legion Post 229

American Legion Post 229

General Membership Meeting Minutes, February 21, 2019



Call to Order

The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7:02pm.  Meeting called to order by Commander Larry Vanoy. Prayer was given by chaplain Andy Caudle


Legionnaires in attendance: Larry Vannoy – Commander, Earl Watts – 1st Vice, Tom Whitten – 2nd Vice, Stacey Harring – Adjutant, Robert Kirby – Finance Officer, Chris Brown – Judge Advocate, Andrew Caudle -Chaplin, Richard Blanton Jr- Historian,  Tom McKinney-Americanism, Mike Marcel - Sargent of Arms,  Carlos Woods – County Commander, Bill McGahey, Richard Jones, David Silvernail, Cherish Croft, Jean Downs, Timothy Nevins, Teddy Gustave, Brady Rodgers, Rick Jarrell, Alan Cerny, David Shelly

Presentation: Birdie Rice thanked the group for all of the help with the funeral and arrangements for her husband’s funeral.  

Approval of the Minutes – Minutes were voted to be accepted by the group after a motion by and seconded by Dick Jones and seconded Bill McGahey and approved by the group.


Sick and shut ins – Stan Walker has had several complications and it at Crestwood RM 430 and would like to have visitors.  Carl Dow is still about the same, and likes to have visitors.  John Kuhn friend of our Legion and a WWII veteran passed away this week.  The family asked for us to post two guards at the viewing on Saturday 6-8pm and at the Funeral the following day at 2pm (be there at 1:30) in Ardmore AL.  Anyone who can help please let Tom McKinney know tonight if possible.  If we don’t have enough people, maybe we only have one person at a time.  Carlos Woods’ wife has been had some additional complications, please keep her in your prayers

Adjutant –  Please renew if you have not already.  The year ends in July, but let’s try to get 100% ASAP. Andy Caudle motioned for the Adjutant report to be approved, Bill McGahey seconded, with the group approval.

Finance Report – Finance report was passed out and a motion to approve was made by Tommy Whitten and seconded by Jean Downs. 

State/County – The county is having trouble recruiting as well, and Huntsville 237 is doing great and is already at 100%.  County oratorical contest went well thanks to Tom McKinney and many other volunteers.  Our candidate Laura won the county and the district and will compete this Saturday.  Boys State, on Tuesday night the 19th there is a county commander/adjutant meeting where we will be making a plan for coordinating Boys State.  The SAL’s will be paying the $2000 for the bus for transportation.  Our county only pays for boys who can’t afford it, if there is anyone that the schools say needs assistance, we will make sure they can go.  One of the boys we helped last year, was recently awarded a nomination to West Point.  Post 201 will most likely be closing due to lack of members, they tried to meet during lunch time, but that did not seem to work. 


JROTC: Andy Caudel and Tom McKinney presented awards this week at Sparkman High School for Scholastic and Military excellence.  They have a military ball this weekend and Tommy Whitten will be going on behalf of the Post. 

Pavers – 4 more have been sold, applications are here if anyone would like one. 

Blue Star Banner – If you know of anyone who is eligible and would like one, please let us know.

POST 229 Auxiliary – Jean Downs is the President, they met tonight.  They have chosen the first committee they will work on, Americanism.  Their first project will be sponsoring a recruiting event to clean head stones at local cemeteries.  They will be doing Poppy’s this year and will be at Kroger on Wall Triana. 

NAVFOC – July 27th Forever Young Veterans will be hosting an honor PROM.  Thin Line could use bubble wrap and men’s clothing for hurricane victoms.  There will be a Veteran’s Job Fair at the Von Braun center during the March AUSA symposium.  April 4th there is a Korena War Luncheon where they will be presenting Peace Metal.  NAVFOC will be hosing the Beer Garden on March 14th and receive 10% of the profits that evening. AL Post 229 will be hosting in May meeting at the Senior Center.

Boy Scouts Troop 201 –March 9th at 1700, Hunter Gaufennet will be using Veteran’s park for his Eagle ceremony, he is the scout that built the fire pit or the Lunar Lodge as a backup for bad weather.  Larry will check and see if can use the City Hall as a backup for weather.  The question was asked - how to we nominate a boy for boys state?  The boy will need to go their school counselor, have it approved by them and the principal and send the application to the State.  

Girl Scout 926 – The troop has a pack packing trip planned for next weekend. 

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Post 237 golf tournament is on March 24th at Fox Run.  The money will go to the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer fund.

Viet Nam Veteran’s Day is March 29th.  On Saturday the 30th there will be a Celebration at the Huntsville Veteran’s Memorial.  9am coffee and donuts, 11am presentation.

Flag Retirement Ceremony will be on March 30th with the Knights of Columbus, they would like to have the Boy Scouts as well.  Richard Blanton brought up that there is usually a retirement ceremony on Flag Day June 14th if we want to plan for it.

Memorial Day:

Flags: Discussion on when we will put out flags.  Decision was made to put them out May 18th and pick up on June 1st

Presentation:  Looking for a new place to get the tent from and rent chairs.  Mike Ball will be the speaker, Stacey Harring will the emcee. 


Tax ID number:  The tax ID number was discussed, why we needed a new one, the process of getting a new one, and the status. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm