Madison Alabama American Legion Post 229

American Legion Post 229

General Membership Meeting Minutes, 13 Dec 2018



Call to Order

The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7pm.  Meeting called to order by Commander Larry Vannoy. Prayer was given by Chaplain Andy Caudle.


Legionnaires in attendance: Larry Vannoy – Commander, Tom Whitten – 2nd Vice, Robert Kirby – Finance Officer, Chris Brown – Judge Advocate, Andrew Caudle – Chaplin, Mike Marcel -Sargent of Arms, Carlos Woods – County Commander, Bill McGahey, Richard Blanton Jr – Historian, Tim Oman, Brady Rogers, Erik Arnold, David Shelly, Cherish Croft – IT, James Rogers, David Silvernail, Jean Downs, Ed Durst, Kathy Durst

Approval of the Minutes – Bill McGahey motioned and Tommy Whitten seconded to approve the 7 November meeting minutes.  The vote was taken and the members present approved the meeting minutes. 


Sick and shut ins – Don Rice has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and will probably not be with us much longer.  Several post members have made visits to Don and wife Birdie. 

Carlos Woods’ wife, Lelia, continues to have health challenges, please keep her in your prayers.

Mac McCullum, WWII veteran and post member is moving to Florida with his son so he can better care for Mac.

Adjutant – Stacey Harring is on travel and unable to make the meeting.  Commander Vannoy gave membership renewal status.  The Alabama state office states we are 63% but the Adjutant states that the post is at 73%; apparently the state has not yet posted our latest membership submission.  The post received a letter from the National Commander stating that we will receive an additional $5 for the renewal of members that were legion members in 2014, 2015 or 2016 but did not renew in 2017 or 2018. 

Finance Report – Bob Kirby presented and distributed the finance report and a motion to approve was made by Earl Watts and seconded by Andy Caudle.  Vannoy stated that the $239 deposit we put down for Memorial Day tent rentals has not been cashed.  Vannoy committed calling the rental company and confirm that there is no intent to cash the deposit check.  The rental company has gone out of business.  We need to find a replacement rental company (this will be a topic of discussion at the next officers meeting).

State/County – County Commander Woods stated that he is pushing to have the counties in District 12 to prepare a budget where the counties could use some of the district funds to help offset some of the programs our posts support, for example Boys State bus rental. Vannoy stated that post 237 and post 176 are hosting the 3 February 2019 District meeting – more details to follow.

Americanism – Tom McKinney stated that checks have been distributed to the three JROTC programs (James Clemens, Bob Jones and Sparkman).  Medals have been purchased and we will be presenting military and scholastic awards to these programs near the end of the school year.

Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year presentations were made the previous Monday during a Madison City Council Meeting.  A plaque and gift card was given to the two recipients.

The Madison County Oratorical Contest is coming up on the 26th of January.  We have some volunteers but not all positions have been filled.

Pavers – All pavers that were ordered have been installed by Tommy and Larry.

Blue Star Banner – Stacey Harring has info about an Army Reserve unit deploying in early January; Commander Vannoy will get with Stacey to see if we can make a Blue Star Banner presentation.

Ladies Auxiliary – Jean Downs held a meeting earlier in the evening.  The constitution and bylaws were approved by District 12 and elected the 2019 Officers.  Jean is the new President, Linda Silvernail is the Secretary/Treasurer, and Cherish Croft is the Sgt of Arms.  They are seeking more members; please invite your spouses to join. Bill McGahey motioned and Mike Marcel seconded for the post vote to re-issue the $1000 donation that was not deposited in Legion FY 2018, the motion passed by post members present.

NAVFOC – North Alabama Veteran Fraternal Organization Coalition.  Stacey Harring has been elected as Military Liaison in NAVFOC.


Christmas Wreaths – Bill McGahey reviewed the plans for placing the wreaths on 15th on December.  Meet at the conex container at 9 am; Memory Gardens Cemetery at 10.


No new business


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm