Madison Alabama American Legion Post 229

November 2018 Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 229 General Membership Meeting Minutes, 08 November 2018

Call to Order 
The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7pm. Meeting called to order by Commander Larry Vanoy. Prayer was given by Chaplain Andy Caudle.

Legionnaires in attendance:  Larry Vannoy – Commander, Earl Watts – 1st Vice, TomWhitten – 2nd Vice, Stacey Harring – Adjdant, Robert Kirby – Finance Officer, Chris Brown – Judge Advocate, Andrew Caudle -Chaplin, Mike Marcel -Sergent of Arms, Carlos Woods – County Commander, Bill McGahey, Rick Jarrell, Richard Blanton Jr, Tim Oman, Brady Rogers, Ed Durst, Kathy Durst, Leondra Kelley

Approval of Previous Minutes


Committees Reports:

Old Business

New Business:

For The Good Of The Post

The meeting adjourned at 8:13 PM.